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HKS HEADER GC8 EJ20 1419-RF001

HKS HEADER GC8 EJ20 1419-RF001

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HKS HEADER GC8 EJ20 1419-RF001

Changing the manifold can reduce exhaust pressure and sends exhaust gas smoothly to the turbo. HKS has lined up stock replacement manifolds for popular applications

Exhaust gas flow between the engine and turbo, i.e. the exhaust manifold can greatly affect turbo performance and is an effective way to extract the maximum from a turbo. Pipe shape and size are carefully considered using the wealth of knowledge and experience that HKS has built up over 35 years. Each engines performance is matched with the right pipe diameter and bends as well as careful attention to making sure that the joints which connect the pipes and flanges are as flat as possible to maintain smooth flow of exhaust gas through the manifold. The result is much improved turbo response at mid to high revs and an increase in torque and power.


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