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Wiseco Piston Kit Mits 4B11 Evo X 08 plus Str. 94.0mm 10.0:1

Wiseco Piston Kit Mits 4B11 Evo X 08 plus Str. 94.0mm 10.0:1

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Wiseco Complete Piston Set with Rings, Pins, and Locks.
The pistons come standard with the ArmorGlide® coating material for reduced friction and noise, freeing up horsepower.
Wiseco Piston Inc., is a World Class manufacturer of hi-performance, forged pistons for the snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, personal watercraft, outboard marine and automotive markets, including Sport Compact Cars. Wiseco has emerged as a world leader in the manufacturing of the recreational and racing industries by engineering, testing and manufacturing the finest aftermarket forged piston available today!
Wiseco's pistons outgun cast and Hypereutectic pistons, giving you stronger pistons and tighter tolerances than any other part in your engine, with less internal and external machining. Wiseco's advanced forging process and extensive heat-treat and finishing process assure you of the performance and reliability you demand from your high performance engine.

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