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Weldon Fuel Pump, FL1100-ALH

Weldon Fuel Pump, FL1100-ALH

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FL1100-A - Includes Mounting Bolts, Gasket and In-Tank Mounting Ring Fuel Injected Engines:
1400 HP @ 50 PSI (Naturally Aspirated)
1000 HP at 80 PSI (Boosted)
Carbureted Engines:
1600 HP @ 7 PSI (Naturally Aspirated)
1500 HP @ 30 PSI (Boosted)
Can be mounted horizontal or vertically in fuel tank or cell
A sleek, drop in replacement for any in-tank pump utilizing a 10-bolt pattern on a 4” bolt circle
Extremely quiet
Precise, consistent fuel delivery
Self priming
Continuous duty pump with extremely low current draw
All internal pump components are 100% metallic
MIL-SPEC anodized, billet aluminum flanged housing for added strength for extreme applications
MIL-SPEC clear anodized billet end cap
For carbureted or injected engines
-10 inlet and outlet o-ring ports
6.0 lbs

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