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Weldon Electric Fuel Pumps A16000-A

Weldon Electric Fuel Pumps A16000-A

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Ideal for EFI applications up to 4000 HP on gas and 2000+ HP on Methanol where an approximate 7 GPM fuel pump is required. Ideal for use in Import Drag Racing, “Drag Week,” or True Street type race cars.
Intermittent-duty use only.
Ultra high efficient electric motor assembly compatible with 12 volt to 24 volt supply
Self priming
-16 o-ring port inlet and -12 o-ring port outlet
Billet aluminum, MIL-SPEC anodized housing
Balance-loaded 10 vane steel pump element provides consistent flows throughout the pressure range up to 100 PSI
Uses the same proven Teflon lip seal as all other Weldon pumps which eliminates any possibility of leaking or failure
Compatible with all race fuels
10.5 lbs

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