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Titan Motorsports Twin Fuel System 93-2002 Supra Turbo

Titan Motorsports Twin Fuel System 93-2002 Supra Turbo

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The stock Supra fuel system will support between 500-525rwhp depending upon a number of factors. When moving beyond this HP range we recommend an upgraded fuel system. We have taken our time and put together a kit that will flow enough fuel for over 700 rwhp.

This kit is designed around the PROVEN twin Supra fuel pump (in-tank) kit. We are now utilizing the incredible Titan fuel rail with twin end feeds and a single center return for maximum efficiency and reliablity. Included are the following item's:

Complete Kit: Fuel Rail, Injectors x 6 (complete) Aeroquip Fittings Aeromotive Boost Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) Braided lines and Aeroquip fittings Additional Supra Pump (couple with your existing pump) Twin in-tank fuel pump kit All connectors, pre-cut wiring, instructions Relay

The most complete fuel system on the market, at the greatest value to our customer.

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