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Titan Motorsports 6 Speed Spool Supra JZA80 2JZGTE

Titan Motorsports 6 Speed Spool Supra JZA80 2JZGTE

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Quick Info SKU: TMS-SUP-DRV-500 Category: Best selling products Tags: CLUTCH & DRIVETRAIN SUPRA 1993-2002 JZA80

The team at Titan has noticed many 93-98 Supra's, when running slicks or street e/t's, tend to pull violently off course when going into or at the top of 3rd or 4th gear going down the dragstrip. Although many make it out of this scenario safe and sound, many others have had serious damage to their vehicles.

What tends to cause this is many times a result of the stock differential failing or not working properly as a drag race unit. Titan has come up with a permenant solution. We have deisgned a solid spool which will lock both tires and prevent the stock diff from breaking the spider gears. This is a drag only unit and can not be used on daily driven cars. If your looking to do aggressive drag racing is suggested you buy this unit and install it in a spare diff casing and change the diff's for the races (1 hour to change).

This unit also weighs in with an estimated 10lbs savings.

Currently only available for the 6-speed differnetial and will work with either the 3.13 or the 3.26 gears.

Some modification may be needed.

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