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We can build any street or Race shortblock for your needs.

This particular short block is ideal for the daily driver AND / OR Drag or Circuit/Track User and High Horsepower APplications.

We first start with the a RB26DETT block and dissasemble the entire block, thoroughly cleaning and checking everything. After being stripped down, the block is sonic checked for any flaws, cracks, or imperfections. Then the crank is also thoroughly checked. Once certified through this process the buildup begins.

We start by boring and honing out the block dependent on what size piston you go for, 86mm, 86.50mm or 87mm.

Each cylinder is setup for each individual piston and ring sets gapped for a street motor.

Crankshaft is FULLY balanced and journals micro polished.

Pistons and conrods are fully balanced and weight matched to each other and for all cylinders. So any inperfections from the factor (if any) are zero'ed out.

Once fully balanced, the assembly process begins where each bearing is checked for appropriate clearances. We can choose a varying array of bearings for your specific needs and power output but mainly use Clevite or ACL Bearings including NEW thrust bearings from ACL.

The whole motor is assembled with ARP Main Stud kit.

We also check the block for any un-eveness and deck the block as necessary noting how much is taken off for a perfect end/overall compression ratio. This is so there is a perfectly flat surface for your head gasket and helps elimate the possibility of failure.

So to sum up with this setup you get the following within this price:

- ALL Machining Work and Labour including balancing, cleaning, tolerence checking, sonic and pressure testing. Re-worked oil and water passages.
- *Wossner OR CP 87.00mm Aluminum Forged Piston Kit, 8.5:1 compression ratio, With Coated Skirts as standard (coated skirts with Wossner Pistons ONLY).
- *Wossner H Beam Connecting Rods Set with 3/8 ARP 2000 Rod Bolts, these are regarded as the best H Section Conrods Available and Superior to the Carrillos.
- *Billet Main Caps.
- *Line Boring Mains to suit new main caps.
- ARP Main Stud Kit
- ALL Labour charges to build to spec.
- *Additional special oiling system is designed around or for your application to increase oil pressure at high RPM's which is critical to good engine life.
- *Custom Main Bearing for maximum oil flow and reliabilty.
- *Custom Conrod Bearing Specs for maximum oil flow and reliabilty.

This price does not include an exchange for your old short block that is presumed not to be damaged.  If you cannot provide a short block with it's original main caps and crankshaft or if it is to be found beyond use or not re-usable then there will be a £600 additional surcharge to this order.  Once YOUR block has been given the "OK" we will refund your £600 innitial deposit.

This short block will be delivered with a folder FULL of useful infomration regarding your engines entire specification from bearing sizes to clearneces, ring gaps, torque settings etc etc, fully certified to industry standards for measrung and tooling accuracy.

In addition, we will not describe to you every little single thing we do to make our blocks and and engines last the longest and hold the most power. We have spent a lot of time and money in research and development in the past 10 years (Specialising in Supras and Skylines) to make the best engines around. Sorry, but we are not going to lay out every last detail here for our competitors to see what we do that they do not. 

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