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SR20DET Cylinder Head Package - Stage 1 400-500hp

SR20DET Cylinder Head Package - Stage 1 400-500hp

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Quick Info SKU: SR20DET Stage 1 Head 400-500bhp Category: 200SX S13 PS13 S14 S15 Tags: 200SX S13 PS13 S14 S15 BUILT CYLINDER HEADS SR20 SUNNY PULSAR GTIR
SR20DET Cylinder Head Package - Stage 1 400-500hp.

This is a Future Motorsports Stage 1 Cylinder Head Package rated to work reliably well for 400-500hp.

Power and torque will be retained with fantastic street manners. Ideal for someone wanting to put a good quality cylinder head back on their car without the need to add major expense.

Works great with stock cams and Stage 1 Cams.

Includes a FULL refresh with stock valves with a valve spring kit upgrade.

- Full tear down, blast and clean ALL parts of cylinder head including oil passages.

- SuperTech Valve Stem Seals.

- Brian Crower / SuperTech or Ferrea Single Valve Spring kit with Titanium Retainers upgrade.

- Valve Clearance for camshaft (customer supplied cams or we can supply a set of cams to suit your plans or use stock cams).

- Seats Machine Cut

- Skim/deck, clean.

- Inspect and final assembly.

A Core charge will apply if you cannot supply your good core cylinder head. Any repair work to your cylinder (supplied by you) will be charged in addition to this package. If you have any questions regarding the options or this head package please do not hesitate to message or email us.

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