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This a great upgrade for someone using a stock/oem shortblock or a mildly prepped shortblock. This head is designed to bolt on with no special service required for installation that is different then a stock head.

This price is for a cylinderhead worked on your original core sent into us only, no exchange, no surcharge.  This price is for the labour work and a mild port and polish job fully refreshing the head ABOVE the factory standard and essentially giving you a brand new core back.

If your core or its's internal components are damaged but repairable then our engineers will assess the head and inform you of the extra charge for repairing it.  And only then perform any further work to it. . 

The head is torn down and all stock parts removed, then it and its oem parts are bathed in an acid solution to remove all dirt, oil and residue that is left behind so that you essentially have a new core. The surface is then checked for straightness and skimmed accordingly. Usually no more then 5 thousandths’ is taken off so a stock head gasket or aftermarket head gasket of your choice can be used without worrying about failing at a later stage.

Then the stage 0 head build begins.  We start with a rather mild but effective port and polish to the whole cylinder head.  Then we use all the original cylinder head parts ready for modification to suit the stage 0 head.  Valves, springs, spring seats, valve guides, collets will all be re-conditioned and re-seated.  This Stage 0 head will also recieve BRAND NEW valve stem seals.  All the valves get re-cut and re-seated to their seats.

No matter what stage cylinder head we build they ALL go through the same strict checks as our short blocks do such as crack and pressure tests and are sonically checked to ensure the head is going to be reliable to use once installed.

ALL our Stage 0 cylinder heads use their oem components and factory parts. 

This price DOES NOT include shimming and replacing any shims to suit your camshafts.  If you require this to be done then you will need to send in your camshafts to us.  For this service (only while your head is with us) the additional charge of £200 will apply on top of this sale (plus the cost of any shims needed from toyota to replace).

If your purchasing new camshafts from us we will not charge you the £200 fee to re-shim the head it will be done FREE OF CHARGE.  The only addtional cost that you may incure are the purchase of new shims.

This stage 0 fully assembled and reconditioned head should produce 20-30 wheel horsepower.

If you have any questions related to this prodcut/service then please contact us via email or telephone to discuss them.

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