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ProEFi Pro128 ECU

ProEFi Pro128 ECU

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Quick Info SKU: 9100-ProEFiECUONLY Category: 1JZ / 2JZ Tags: 1JZ / 2JZ ENGINE-MANAGEMENT-ECU SUPRA 1993-2002 JZA80 WIRING

ProEFi Pro128 ECU.

Logging with PC attached included on all ECU’s. If logging without the PC connected is required, you must purchase one of the external loggers. This module simply connects through the CAN bus and is configurable, however it is preconfigured by Pro EFI for common channels to be logged.
  1. The amount of available channels is dependent upon the use of pre configured I/O such as Fuel pump, TPS, etc…
  2. Fault coding is a strategy used by the O.E. manufacturers. This strategy allows for the capability to trigger faults and fault actions. Features include but are not limited to multiple safety strategies for limiting boost and shutting off nitrous control under lean conditions. See your Authorized Professional EFI Dealer for more information.
  3. Multiple Strategies are configurable based upon time or speed. See your Authorized Professional EFI Systems Dealer for more information.
  4. V.E. stands for volumetric efficiency. This is a strategy incorporated by the O.E. manufacturers to more accurately determine the fueling requirements of the engine. There are several advantages to using this method. See your Authorized Professional EFI Systems Dealer for more information.
  5. These communication ports are dedicated for the use of future external peripherals to be announced by Professional EFI Systems at a later date.
Adaptive – Is a term meaning that particular feature will self tune itself constantly. This is another strategy used by the O.E. manufacturers to help keep the vehicle in a constant state of tune for hundreds of thousands of miles. (Does Not Include Adapter Harness, CAN Cable or Sensors)
PROCESSOR The Pro128 uses the superfast MPC565 56mhz Processor
Injectors 12 Peak n Hold – with calibratable peak time. 6 – 6/2 amp, and 6 3/1 amp.
Coils 16 EST Ignition outputs
Low Side Outputs 10 total – 8-10 amp capable – 2-2 amp capable*
Tach The Tachometer will also display information such as current Rev limit setpoint, and current I-Boost setting based on input from the cruise stalk.
High Current Bridges 3 channel sets – Used for Stepper motor control, or Electronic Throttle Control
Expansion module capable Versioin 5z and later firmwares allow this module to use CAN based Expansion modules for additional I/O
Main Relay Control Yes
Analog Inputs 34* Fuel Pressure monitoring and feedback correction, Oil Pressure, Exhaust Backpressure Feedback and correction, fault management with each input
Digital Inputs 8 channels – Fully programmable pre configured
Can Channels 2 Channels
Cam Digital or VR
Crank Digital or VR
Speed Inputs 10 Additional Frequency inputs are available (Speed1, Speed2, And DG 1- 8) Can be used for Turbo Speed sensors, additional Wheel Speed, Frequency Mass Air, etc…
Battery Backup No – Not needed – Stored permanently!
Serial Connection Yes*****
RS485 Connection Yes*****
Internal Memory Limited to Fault logic
USB Direct Connection No
Laptop Connection USB
Air measurement Mass air (both frequency or voltage), True Speed Density via map  or Throttle based V.E. APC based igntion timing , or Standard MAP based, even with Mass air!
Air Temp Yes
Alternator control Can control duty based alternators
AntiLag ProEFI’s State of the ART antilag is unmatched in the industry! The ECU automatically adjusts timing and fuel to precisely control boost while staging. You can even control below your base spring pressure!
Automated Starter Control The ProEFI can be setup to control the starter like a modern vehicle…once key cycle engagement and the computer will run the starter based on parameters that can be defined.
Boost Control Most comprehensive and Accurate Boost Control and Antilag on the market. Multiple control strategies.***
Cam Yes – Hall/VR capable
Converter Dump The Converter Dump feature allows you to control converter charge to stage with more rpm against a tighter converter.
Coolant Temp Yes
Crank Yes – Hall/VR capable
Cruise Control(Pit Limiter) Comprehensive Cruise Control (Pit limiting)
Drive By Wire Yes – Dual capable*
Drive Off Assist Drive Off limiters to help with light rotating mass and grabby clutches. This also is used for variable two step control, more throttle is more limit rpm!
Drivers Information Light (Shift Light) The Drivers information light allows the user to define when the light activates by rpm per gear, boost, vehicle speed, brake staging, and more. Makes the shift light intelligent to precisely control the driver based on Conditions
Fan Control Control multile fans with user defined temperature inputs (Coolant, Oil, trans, etc…) Also Control Pulse width Fan control modules directly for Pulse driven Fans.
Fault Management ProEFI introduced Fault management in to the aftermarket over 13 years ago, and to this day still has the ONLY comprehensive Fault management strategy on the market (See Fault management for further details)
Flex Fuel Capability Add a Flex fuel sensor, and the computer automatically adjusts fuel, timing, and boost based on Ethanol content! Blend Target A/F, Spark, Accel fuel, etc…  Multiple Failsafes!
Fuel Pump Control Stage up to 3 fuel pumps, as well as controlling Pulse width duty controlled Fuel pumps
High Cam lobe control Control high lift cam(V-Tec) activation based on several paramters
Idle Control Pulse Width, Stepper motor, and ETC (DBW) – Adaptive
Ignition Timing Maps Low and High Octane map with function blending or switch activated. Split ignition for rotaries. Fault management to default to low octane maps for safety.
Knock Channels 2 Programmable frequency and event with individual cylinder notification
Launch Control Comprehensive Launch Control Strategies to get the most powerful cars down the nastiest tracks!
MAF Sensor Yes – Frequency and Voltage
Map Sensor Yes – Unlimited Range
MIL (CEL) The Check engine light is tied to any fault or condition and is user defined on what will trigger this light. This strategy can be set to force a clear or hold fault conditions, as well as display codes via MIL flashing digits. (see Fault Manager for comprehensive descriptions its capability).
Nitrous Control 4 stages progressive multiple event trigger control range. V.E. based fueling****
Rev Limiters Multiple – Burnout, Stage, TwoStep, Strain Gauge, Launch Control, Traction Control, and Rolling Antilag (True RPM capture at ANY Speed) All tied to separate boost targets!
Rolling AntiLag Control Speed based capture (no preset rpm or speed…press it and go)
Staged Injection ProEFI’s State of the Art Staged injection control makes it SUPER simple for the user to setup staged injection with no tuning needed. You can even stage in from pump fuel to straight methanol based on engine load!
TPS Yes – Adaptive
Traction Control Differential Wheel Speed, Driveshaft Speed, Accelerometer input for lateral power reduction, and more Multiple control strategies.***
Trans Brake Staging Control Controls the final staging to the second bulb via trans brake ‘bump’ in via trans temp and duty cycle for SMOOTH staging.
Transmission Control Comprehensive Transmission Control over any switch Logic solenoid to shift (no linnear trans solenoids) such as 4l60/80, A340 toyota, etc… Converter lockup control with min/max gears and rpm windows for smooth engagement. Full line pressure control, monitor converter slip with no additional Sensors (ECU automatically calculates this). Sequential Gearbox control for drag racing (control the aspects of each gear change based on multiple parameters).
Valet Modes Two Stages – Tied to Fault management – Power Reduction, Speed limited etc.. No laptop connection required to active or deactivate, calibratable procedure
Variable Cam Yes 2 cam capable
Wideband O2 2 Built in UEGO controllers (Inputs for External wideband capable)
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