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HKS Supercharger Kit Nissan 350z VQ35DE

HKS Supercharger Kit Nissan 350z VQ35DE

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Please note, there are many different variant HKS Supercharger Kits for the Nissan VQ35DE engine so please contact us prior to placing your order. 

Prices start from £4383.50 vat to £4856.60 vat.


  • HKS' latest forced induction system, the "GT Supercharger" is a newly developed "torque reaction drive type" centrifugal supercharger
  • Centrifugal type charger was selected as it carries many advantages such as low noise, light weight and compact design.
  • Traction drive system further reduces noise over traditional overdrve gear systems. As the overdrive ratio can be increased with this system, the compressor size can be reduced and as a result a compact unit is made possible.
  • Torque reaction type system applies pressure in proportion to transfer torque, making the unit durable and efficient under low load conditions. This in turn delivers good fuel consumption for an economical and environmentaly efficient forced induction system.
Design Structure and Features
  • Drive System: Belt
  • Easy Installation
  • Overdrive System: Traction Drive
  • Compact & Low Noise
  • High efficiency & overdrive ratio
  • Compressor: Centrifugal
  • Internal Oil Pump: Vane type
  • Dry Sump design
  • No External Pump Required
  • Centrifugal Type Compressor
  • Centrifugal compressor is driven mechanically
  • It is still driven by a pulley on the crankshaft, but the overdrive method differs
  • Low noise even under continuous high pressure flow
  • Gear type drive is used commonly despite it loud operational noise
HKS SUPERCHARGER Centrifugal overdrive system
Traction Drive(Planetary) Features
  • High overdrive ratio
  • Higher output shaft speed (impeller speed) compared to gear system
  • High impeller speed allows for smaller compressor size
  • Compact design
  • Low operational noise
HKS GT Supercharger Complete Kit
Recommended parts to be used in conjunction with kit.
  Fairlady Z /350Z Skyline Coupe
ECU Stock ECU with Stock Data
Catalyser Stock
Exhaust Manifold Stock or HKS Stock Replacement Type Stainless Exhaust Manifold
Centre Pipe Stock or HKS Stainless Centre Pipe
Muffler Stock or HKS Legamax/Full Dual/Legamax premium
Spark Plug HKS Super Fire racing M40iL/M45iL or S40iL/S45iL must be used
  • This product contains a sub computer with adjusted fuel settings and so must be used with the items listed above.
  • The use of any other items may lead to engine damage or failure.


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