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HKS Super Sound Master Exhaust 370Z VQ37VHR

HKS Super Sound Master Exhaust 370Z VQ37VHR

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HKS Super Sound Master Exhaust 370Z VQ37VHR

HKSƒ?? pursuit of the perfect ƒ??Soundƒ?� had to satisfy several factors

  1. A sporty sound to heighten the experience during sports driving.
  2. When driving slowly, listening to the audio system or conversation with other passengers is possible
  3. When idling during late night/early morning use, noise levels are reduced to not disturb neighbours.

These requests received from the end users have been realised using all of HKSƒ?? latest muffler sound control technology to produce a muffler which can give an unprecedentedly refreshing yet powerful high frequency sound whilst being able to deliver a much quieter sports sound during idling and low load driving.


SSM Mufflers for Z33 and Z34 350/370Z uses specifically designed silencers with carefully selected pipe length to control the sound. Piping is arranged in loop like a french horn to further tune the sound. Tig welding and full polished SUS304 grade stainless steel ensures that the muffler looks as good as it sounds.

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