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HKS HEADGASKET 1.2mm 87.50mm Bore 8.7 CR

HKS HEADGASKET 1.2mm 87.50mm Bore 8.7 CR

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HKS HEADGASKET 1.2mm 87.50mm Bore 8.7 CR

Suitable for 86-87mm pistons.

The Performance requirements from Head Gaskets.

As the cylinder block and head are not one piece, as the hold bolts are tightened, the gap between the surfaces and the surface pressure applied is not even across the whole surface. Moreover, when driving, due to combustion pressure and vibration, the conditions are continually changing and the contact surface is being continually beaten. As a result a good gasket must ensure that contact surface pressure is spread as evenly as possible and also adapt quickly to the ever changing gaps that can appear in the contact surface to maintain a good seal with good pressure.

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