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HKS GT800 Racing Package Kit R35 GTR

HKS GT800 Racing Package Kit R35 GTR

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GT800 Racing Package Kit R35 GTR

HKS takes R35 GT-R tuning to the next step!



GT800 Racing Package Kit R35 GTR


HKS’ recently developed GT II turbo series allowed HKS to design and manufacture a turbo completely in-house to achieve the ultimate specification without having to compromise with premade parts from other manufacturers. Continuing this concept for the R35 has lead to a symmetrical twin turbo layout which was inspired by the V6 Turbo engines from Formula 1.


In addition to the turbo kit a whole range of products make up the “R35 GT800 Racing specification” which has been developed as a result of continual testing and on track feedback to make 800hp targets accessible to all. Final testing is now taking place to allow these products to be ready for sale for autumn 2010.




GT800 Full Turbo Kit.

Using both types of the HKS GT II turbo (conventional and reverse rotation) it is possible to produce a turbo kit which has a symmetrical twin turbo design which allows the kit to stay compact and tidy within the engine bay. Cast manifolds have been designed for this kit in order to prevent heat damage (prototype tubular manifolds shown in picture)



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