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HKS Differential Oil Cooler Kit R35 GTR

HKS Differential Oil Cooler Kit R35 GTR

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HKS Differential Oil Cooler Kit R35 GTR

R35 GT-R can suffer from high differential oil temperatures when under high load conditions such as circuit driving. High differential oil temperature may affect the lubrication properties of the oil and/or the LSD??s performance.  HKS Diff Oil Cooler Kit was developed to solve these problems.  HKS Diff Oil Cooler can maintain the differential oil temperature, LSD performance and prevent the oil degradation.


Oil Cooler Core Size: 200??132??48 (Cooling Fin).  This core was designed specifically for R35.

Core installation position is inside the rear under cover.  With a special air duct, it can let air into the core and cool it efficiently. 

The air duct is made of CFRP  to match the factory rear under cover.

Highly durable AQP Racing Hoses are used for oil piping.

HKS original Oil Pump is included in the kit for reliable operation and accurate oil flow maintenance.

Relay box, harnesses, and ON/OFF switch to install the oil pump are included in the kit.


In-house test was conducted in Fuji International Speedway.  The test result showed that the differential oil temperature dropped by approximately 37.  The result also showed that the DCT oil temperature dropped by approximately 5, and coolant temperature by approximately 3.

(NOTE) The data above were based on the in-house test results.  The results may vary depending on the driving conditions and/or vehicle??s specifications.


CFRP Air Duct

This air duct optimises the core performance.

CFRP was used to match with the factory rear under cover.  Countersunk screws provide flat surface for improved appearance.


Kit Layout

The layout was designed not to come in contact with any other components and maintain the cooling performance.  Highly durable AQP Racing Hoses were chosen for piping.

This kit is avialable to order from your authorised HKS Europe Dealer. Delivery is expect in October 2011
Please note this item is not currently tested for MY2011 cars.


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