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Future Motorsports Stage 3 Supra 2JZGE & 2JZGTE Built Cylinder Head 1000-1200hp

Future Motorsports Stage 3 Supra 2JZGE & 2JZGTE Built Cylinder Head 1000-1200hp

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Quick Info SKU: 2JZ Stage 3 Head-Race Category: 1JZ / 2JZ Tags: 1JZ / 2JZ BUILT CYLINDER HEADS SUPRA 1993-2002 JZA80

This Stage 3 head is a serious contender to ANY 2JZ Race head out there.  Good for between 1300-1600hp with EASE!!

Its one of our most popular cylinder head package because retains fantastic street manners, provides GOOD horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range. We have several supras world wide running this package of ours making in excess of 1300hp and are driven on the street, taken to the track and make some seriously good numbers on the dyno.

This very package has been successfully producing 7.8sec in the Quarter mile with 180+mph traps.  And 220mph in One mile events.

***  On our Stage 2 and Stage 3 Cylinder Head Packages We utilize the factory size (standard size) valves up to 1600hp!! We came to this conclusion not by mere thought, but by careful action.

***  Have a think here….We have built heads that are 2000+hp capable with a 1.0mm oversized valves. So do you really need over sized valves for half of that power range? Answer is a CLEAR NO!  We use over sized on the Full Race heads OVER 1700hp.

A proven contender for sure.

Parts & Service Included:

– GSC / Ferrea Guides.
– Ferrea Super Alloy Competition Plus Valves (Standard size intake & exhaust).
– GSC / Ferrea Stem Seals
– Ferrea Racing Dual Valve Spring Kit With Titanium Retainers – (with our proprietary Seat pressure).
– Port & Polish intake and exhaust ports.
– Re-profiled and polished Chambers.
– Ferrea Locks/Keepers.
– Valve Clearance for camshaft (customer supplied cams or we can supply a set of cams to suit your plans).
– Future Motorsports Billet Shimless Buckets.
– Valve Job.
– Skim, clean and final assembly to spec.

If you have any questions regarding the options or this head package please do not hesitate to message or email us.

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