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Fuel Injector Clinic

Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) Injectors 3SGTE

Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) Injectors 3SGTE

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Quick Info SKU: FIC-Celica-GT4 Category: 3SGE / 3SGTE Tags: 3SGE / 3SGTE CELICA GT4 ST205 INJECTORS MR2 SW20 1989-1999
Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) Injectors Celica GT4 3SGTE. FIC has long been known as offering some of the best injectors for the best price. Fuel Injector clinic is considered a leader when comparing flow, balance, and longevity. All injectors are ball and injectors and include pigtails for easy wiring. The price here is for a full set of 4 high impedance injectors in your choice of size.

Fuel Injector Clinic injector sets are precisely flow matched to within 1%. Each injector within each set is individually numbered.  Furthermore results for each injector are listed on a detailed flow sheet included with the set.

In addition they have superior short pulse width control and tight manufacturing tolerances make these injectors easy to tune and provide great drivability. Notes For 2150cc Injectors. DO NOT USE WITH VP Import, Q16 or OTHER MTBE OXYGENATED FUELS. Notes For 1650cc FIC Injectors. It is compatible with pump gasoline, E85, Q16, VP Import, FTW and all other MTBE oxygenated race fuels!
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