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Exedy Sports Single Clutch Kit Type S MR2 SW20 3SGTE

Exedy Sports Single Clutch Kit Type S MR2 SW20 3SGTE

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Quick Info SKU: TK05T906 MR2 SW20 3SGTE Category: Best selling products Tags: CLUTCH & DRIVETRAIN MR2 SW20 1989-1999
Exedy Sports Single Clutch Kit Type S MR2 SW20 3SGTE

STAGE 2 CLUTCH KIT (METAL): This is the Stage 2 Exedy Sports clutch kit Type S, meaning it comes with the Metal compound friction plate instead of the Organic friction plate from stage 1. The New Exedy sports clutch cover has 40% more clamping load compared to the OEM clutch cover. It is also much lighter than oem clutch setup. This is why Exedy is the leading choice for aftermarket clutch replacment due to its high torque ratings and it retains or exceeds the factory oem light clutch pedal feel. Perfect for anyone who doesnt want to upgrade to a clutch that is going to be a stiff pedal feel. This is better suited for harder launches and a more power equipped engines. Exedy cerametallic clutches are designed to handle the abuse of high power modified engines.The cerametallic friction material can handle much more slippage than stock type disc assemblies without slipping and fading. All Exedy cerametallic clutch discs have spring center dampers to reduce the impact and shock loads put into the drivetrain. This protects the transmission and the rest of the drive line system. The normal thickness (thick cerametallic) discs have better heat capacity and therefore better durability in demanding applications such as all wheel drive. Even with the normal thickness, these cerametallic discs still typically have less inertia than a stock disc and is good for street and track.

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