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Exedy Carbon D Twin Plate Clutch Kit Skyline R34 GTT RB25DET

Exedy Carbon D Twin Plate Clutch Kit Skyline R34 GTT RB25DET

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Exedy Carbon D Twin Plate Clutch Kit Skyline R34 GTT RB25DET

The new generation of clutch systems for ultimate driving comfort.

The use of a damper type centre hub provides a considerable improvement by significantly reducing the gear noise (noise from tooth hammer) generated in the transmission and differential gears. At the same time, it absorbs shock torque. Carbon-D is an impressive clutch system designed for quiet and comfortable driving because it incorporates the drivers needs for meeting point optimization (toward the floor) without impeding quick response and the carbon specific half-engaged feeling.

The conventional damper used in a sports clutch is designed to protect the transmission from shock torque caused by abrupt clutch engagement; it does little to absorb vibration. Efficient absorption of fluctuations in engine speed requires a very flexible spring and proper setting of the hysteresis torque. The flexibility of the spring, however, is likely to run counter to the damper capacity. For this reason, Carbon-D is equipped with a new damper that features two stages - a low load stage and a rapid acceleration stage - and which is perfectly tuned for each car type. The proper adjustment of both damper rigidity and hysteresis torque prevents gear noise in the low load stage while the new high rigid spring ensures high torque operation in the rapid acceleration stage. This tuning technology is available only from EXEDY, the specialist in clutch systems.

Carbon materials are baked at more than 3600°F, which allows the carbon material to dissipate heat far better than conventional metallic material. The heat expansion rate is 1/20th of iron therefore eliminating a change in clutch feel that may happen due to distortion caused by expansion during driving. Carbon material not only has a high heat resistance but also a "non-stick" characteristic that eliminates disengagement problems.


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