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CP Carrillo

CP Pistons Set for VQ35DE 96.00mm 11.1 CR

CP Pistons Set for VQ35DE 96.00mm 11.1 CR

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CP Pistons Set for VQ35DE 96.00mm 11.1 CR, Here at Future Motorsports, we have been building engines since 1998. We have used virtually every brand of piston on the market. Through all the testing and different applications over the years, we find CP Pistons to be one of the best. CP Pistons will give you the edge on your competition. Featuring technology like high strength aluminum forging, super lightweight design, and fully balanced to /- 1 gram. CP Pistons features excellent ring seal, higher vacuum, lower blow by, greater durability, and increased horse power and torque. Each piston kit comes 100% complete! For the price here you will receive: * Full Set of Pistons in your choice of size and Compression Ratio (CR) * Full Set of Upgraded Piston Pins (also called Wrist Pins) * Full Set of Piston Rings * All Hardware, making these ready to bolt on CP Pistons fit 100% perfectly with all rods. Standard bore for your VQ30DE is 95.5mm. The CP pistons can also be had in a .020”/0.5mm over bore. CP also meet the needs of all Tuning enthusiasts and offers their piston in a 8.5:1 CR for turbo applications and 11:1 CR for those who wish to stay naturally aspirated.

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