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Block Sleeving Service (Supply & Install) Lotus / Celica 1ZZ 2ZZ

Block Sleeving Service (Supply & Install) Lotus / Celica 1ZZ 2ZZ

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Quick Info SKU: Lotus/Celica 1ZZ 2ZZ Sleeves Category: 1ZZ / 2ZZ Tags: 1ZZ / 2ZZ BUILT SHORT BLOCKS CELICA ZZT230 / ZZT231 MR2 / MRS ZZW30 99-2007

This sale is for our Darton sleeves, supply and installtion process including all machining work to the block and to a finish bored size and reface deck.

It includes the following:

- Supply Darton Sleeves (please select from option menu which sleeve option you want)

- Install new sleeves to block.

- Bore new sleeves to suit new piston specs (either you provide the pistons or we can provide them at a favourable rate with this service)

- Reface block surface

- Entire Cleaning process including all water and oil galleries opned and re-worked, chemically cleaned and treated ready for assembly process.

This doesnt include any work to your crank or crank main caps in any way.  If you require your crank to be checked, chemically or modified then please let us know and we will work out a price for you.

This price is for a block that you will supply to us, no block core charge unless you request it and that would need to be quoted to you before any purchase.


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