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Berk Downpipe Celica GT4 High Flow 3" Stainless Steel

Berk Downpipe Celica GT4 High Flow 3" Stainless Steel

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Quick Info SKU: SKU96539 Category: Berk Tags: CELICA GT4 ST205 EXHAUST & DOWNPIPE
Berk Downpipe Celica GT4 High Flow 3" Stainless Steel This downpipe is stainless steel, TRUE 3 inch, with flex joint (so no more cracked welds or downpipes) and lambda (O2) sensor mount.

Berk Tecnology High Flow Downpipe to replace cast elbow and cat, Accepts standard oxygen sensor, With 1 optional bung for additional lambda sensor.

This 3" Downpipe features an integrated flex section. No more cracking downpipes!. Hands down the best downpipe on the market! Downpipe features include • Full bellmouthed wastegate section. Large bellmouth portion never before seen on the MR2. Allows full actuation of the wastegate flap and extremely low backpressure on the turbine wheel. • Integrated stainless steel braided and interlock lined flex section to eliminate cracking problems associated with 3S-GTE downpipes. Another first by Berk Technology. • 304 stainless steel piping & flanges. • Thick walled 0.065” 304 SS tubing. • This downpipe will outfolow and out perform any and all 2.5” downpipes. No if’s ands or buts. This has been tested by us and competing manufacturers and we have both come to the same conclusions. 3.00” is always better than 2.5”. Period! • Includes gasket, 304 stainless downpipe support bracket, & nuts/bolts. • World class quality and fitment that you’ve come to expect from Berk. Fitting a Berk Technology downpipe vastly improves exhaust gas flow from the turbo, reducing spool up time, it also provides a smooth and direct path for wastegate gasses, which further improves gas flow once the wastegate opens. Disclaimer: Depending on your location and local laws, Berk Technology exhaust components may not be emissions legal or may be for off-road use only. Make sure you understand the regulations in your state, province, or country before removing emission control devices.
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