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PowerHouse Racing PHR S23 Turbo Kit for 93-2002 Toyota Supra TT - 2JZGTE

PowerHouse Racing PHR S23 Turbo Kit for 93-2002 Toyota Supra TT - 2JZGTE

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PowerHouse Racing PHR S23 Turbo Kit for 93-2002 Toyota Supra TT - 2JZGTE.

PHR is proud to off the S23 Turbo kit for the 93-98 Toyota Supra TT. The S23 turbo kit features the Powerhouse Racing S23 Turbo manifold which features full stainless schedule 10 1.25" runners and collector. Built all by hand by our master fabricators. This kit is basically a multi application kit. It performs fantastic in virtually any scenario. It can be set up to run virtually any T4 based turbo in sizes as small as 55mm to as large as 86mm. It can provide great spool and torque, it can provide tremendous high end horspower, or it can balance both. It's versatilty makes it a great candidate for most applications and its really a matter of choosing which turbo will work best for you to meet your performance needs. The PHR S23 Turbo manifold and all exhaust components are offered with 2000 Degree black heat coating or Billiant Silver Coating for durability and heat reduction as an option. Since all PHR S23 and S45Turbo Kits are "modular" in design, they can be upgraded with minimal changes so no components have to be wasted. Our famous PHR-style "drop-down" design intercooler piping takes a direct route to the front mount intercooler to reduce turbo lag, therefore, our intercooler piping is specific to each brand. Please specify your brand/model of front mounted intercooler and color of silicone connectors when ordering. This turbo system is available for shipment anywhere in the world. Accept ONLY the best for your Supra Twin Turbo. Each PHR S23 turbo kit comes with: Your choice of Turbo, S23 Manifold, Full stainless downpipe/midpipe, Tial 60mm wastegate, Drop-Down Intercooler Pipe, Air Intake Oil Feed, Oil Return, PHR Waterneck Rotator, Dumptube, and all hardware and gaskets. The PHR S23 turbo kit is fully customizable to fit your individual needs. Use the options to select your turbo and other options to build your one-of-a-kind turbo kit.
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