Eibach Coilovers

Eibach Coilovers

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The Eibach coilover kit is one of the most powerful suspension setups available for vehicles, both on and off of the racetrack.Compromising the ride comfort for out and out handling, the feel of the steering wheel and grip will never be the same again. Putting coilovers on any vehicle will welcome you to the world of having your car feel like it’s on rails, rather than rubber on a road. The Eibach coilover kits offer: * Stainless steel units means no corrosion or seized up adjusting platforms. * Easy on car adjustable in lowering from 20mm-75mm. (vehicle dependant) * year warranty with inclusive 1 year cover for fitting costs if faulty * Designed and tested using fast track courses, you will get the ultimate in handling out of your car. * 2 year warranty inclusive of 1 year on parts

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