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Brian Crower Race Spec 280 Stage 3 Camshafts SET EJ20

Brian Crower Race Spec 280 Stage 3 Camshafts SET EJ20

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Race Specification

Longer duration profile, added rpm potential. Intended for fully built engine. Tuning and ECU mods recommended. Requires kit BC0600.

Part #: BC0602
CAMSHAFTS - STAGE 3 (Subaru EJ205 - WRX) SET/4


The Subaru Impreza WRX, or "Impreza Rex" is a turbocharged version of the Subaru Impreza, a small all-wheel drive sedan. The WRX has become a popular choice for automobile enthusiasts wherever it is sold for its high performance, great handling, and relatively affordable price. Originally introduced in 1992 in Japan, then shortly afterwards in Australia and Europe, the WRX had a turbocharged flat-4 2.0 L engine producing 211-220 PS (155-162 kW), according to the ECE or JIS standards. From 1997, the restyled WRX offered 227 PS (167 kW). Compared to the base Impreza, the WRX had wider low-profile tires, larger brakes (further improved in later versions with the fitting of four-piston calipers and larger discs), and firmer, higher quality suspension components. The United States model Impreza WRX features the EJ205 (non AVCS), although the EJ207 (AVCS) found internationally can be converted to non-AVCS format with a little work.


The above intake cams will not work with AVCS (EJ207 or EJ257).

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