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Blitz CSR Intercooler R35 GTR

Blitz CSR Intercooler R35 GTR

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Blitz CSR Intercooler R35 GTR

The superbly designed Blitz intercoolers have been finely engineered to maximise cooling efficiency, minimise pressure drop, and reduce the chance of detonation.

CS stands for Chemical Shine, a process of chemicall treatment which is applied to the intercooler core to produce a durable shine.

The Blitz CSR intercooler replaces the standard GTR item, by using a special design core with polished side tanks, the CSR intercooler stabilizes intake temperatures and increases power by increasing the intercooler volume.

Core size is 532mm x 260mm and 100mm thick

Note: Front mount Intercooler CSR kit uses OE pipework or Blitz Intake Pipe Kit part no 12902


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