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AEROMOTIVE Tsunami Fuel Pump 700 HP - Black 11103

AEROMOTIVE Tsunami Fuel Pump 700 HP - Black 11103

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Quick Info SKU: 11103 Category: AEROMOTIVE Tags: FUEL PUMPS SUPRA 1993-2002 JZA80

For fuel injected applications with base pressure settings between 30 and 65 PSI. Designed to fuel anything from 150 to 800 horsepower. Feed your beast with the new Tsunami Fuel Pump. Beautiful, durable, and reliable, this new fuel pump will fuel the fire whether it's naturally aspirated, nitrous enhanced, blown or turbocharged.

• Now with more flow and extended warranty.

• Combines ultra high-performance with durability and reliability.

• Latest Aerospace composite technology employed within the pumping mechanism.

• Durable pumping components that simply don't wear.

• Flows over 450 lbs. per hour @ 12 Volts and 45 PSI.

• -8AN inlet and -6AN ports.

• Compact size facilitates easy mounting.

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