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AEROMOTIVE 16303 Digital Programmable FMU

AEROMOTIVE 16303 Digital Programmable FMU

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Quick Info SKU: 16303 Category: AEROMOTIVE Tags: FUEL PUMPS SUPRA 1993-2002 JZA80

AEROMOTIVE 16303 Digital Programmable FMU Now you can add fuel flow and pressure control to any returnless fuel system and maintain the proper air/fuel ratio under all WOT operating conditions. The new Aeromotive Digital Programmable FMU is a fully adjustable, scalable, electronic fuel pump controller. Programmable control provides new fueling solutions for cars with returnless fuel systems. • Controls auxiliary fuel pump (sold separately), mounted in-line with the stock in-tank pump. • The unique capability of the DPFMU, unlike fixed ratio mechanical FMUs, is to permit a custom pressure and flow curve for each engine application. • The DPFMU features 15 independent adjustment bands scalable across 1-30 PSI of boost or any range of engine RPM. Will also scale across any 0-5 Volt input, including mass air flow signal or throttle position. LCD readout and easy programming are built in, No laptop computer required.

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