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PWR 57mm Radiator SUPRA JZA80 2JZGTE


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PWR 57mm Radiator SUPRA JZA80 2JZGTE PWR Performance products introduces it’s all-aluminum, “stock fit” radiator for your car. With a MASSIVE 57mm thick 2 row core that is MUCH thicker than stock, there is the additional cooling capacity to handle heat generated by highly tuned Engines. With stock height and width, these radiators fit into factory location without any modification for easy installation. Mounting brackets allow for the use of the stock fan, eliminating the need to purchase an aftermarket fan. Polished to a near chrome finish, this radiator enhances the engine compartment of an “show” destined Supra.


If you are a TT or N/A with automatic transmission: Your stock radiator has an allowance built into it for cooling your transmission. If you replace your radiator with an aftermarket one such as this one, this allowance will be removed with the stock radiator.

To resolve this problem you must purchase a transmission cooler.  If you have the funds then we highly recomend the transmission cooler with the fans to push extra air through your new tranmission cooler keeping your Automatic transmission running cooler and better than it ever has!  Not to mension added reliabilty!!


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