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Future Motorsports Turbo Blankets T4


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Future Motorsports Turbo Blankets T4.

Turbos get very hot as we all know. Sometimes they get so hot they can melt electronics and effect the paint on the hood!

This is the best, easiest, and cheapest way to keep your turbo from causing any damage to the rest of your car. The heat blanket works so well in keeping under hood temperature down that you can rest your hand on the blanket without being burned.

We only sell this blanket in Black.

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Weight 1 kg
Bearing Size
Piston Size & Compression Ratio
Valve Size & Type
Valve Size
Turbo Choice
Tomei Head Gasket Size
Throttle Body Size
SuperTech Valve Size
Spring Pressure
Select Your Rear Housing Size
Select Your 3SGTE Engine Year Type
Rod Bearing Size
Retainer Weight
Caliper Colour
Main Bearing Size
Housing Size
Garrett Turbine Housing Option
Ferrea Valve Size
Ferrea Valve Guide Size
Disk type
Disc Type
Choose Your Transmission Type
Wastegate Size