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Fluidyne has just released there new 3 row radiator for the Toyota Supra and we want you guys to get in on the group buy as soon as possible. I have to buy 20 to get this done but I feel there is a lot of people looking for a new radiator that support the new 3 row cooling power.

Here is a little about what this kit offers:

The technological advantages of Fluidynes new ‘triple-tube’ [T-3] core, now standard on the new FHP13-86 and FHP13-93 Supra radiators from Fluidyne. the 3 rows are not visible from the outside of the radiator so the pics posted of the Supra radiator are OK to use as what the new product will look like. I have posted a picture which details the view of the core from the perspective of the filler neck which clearly details the ‘triple-tube’ core design.

The advantages of the T-3 core are:
• The overall length, height and depth of our new FHP13 radiator has maintained the same dimensional characteristics as the previous FHP11 series radiators.
• The T-3 core has 3-times more water cooling tubes and significantly improved cooling properties over the single and double row cores in the market.
• The torsional strength of the T-3 core is considerably greater due to the added rows of tube and air fin.


If you are a TT or N/A with automatic transmission: Your stock radiator has an allowance built into it for cooling your transmission. If you replace your radiator with an aftermarket one such as this one, this allowance will be removed with the stock radiator.

To resolve this problem you must purchase a transmission cooler.  If you have the funds then we highly recomend the transmission cooler with the fans to push extra air through your new tranmission cooler keeping your Automatic transmission running cooler and better than it ever has!  Not to mension added reliabilty!!

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