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Eagle H Beam Rods Set Honda Acura Integra Civic GSR B18C1 B18C B18C1 B18C4 B18C5 5.430 VTEC


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Eagle H Beam Rods Set Honda Acura Integra Civic GSR B18C1 B18C B18C1 B18C4 B18C5 5.430 VTEC.

Hugely popular with capabilities of 150hp per cylinder, Eagle connecting rods really do come in as superb value for money.

Eagle connecting rods and cranks are designed and manufactured to in-house specifications. Some simply purchase generic products and package in their boxes without having any control or input in production. Eagle uses only certified steel in production of their steel cranks and rods. No shortcuts are taken that might compromise the quality of the finished piece. We use multi-stage heat treating, sonic testing, magna-fluxing, and x-ray to ensure a reliable product.

Eagle H-beam connecting rods are forged from SAE 4340 steel for superior strength. ARP bolts (2000, 8740 or L19 Series) and alignment sleeves are used for durability and precise cap location. Sets are weight matched to /- 1g and sizing is performed on the unique Sunnen Krossgrinding system for a perfect housing bore.


Eagle is proud to announce the next step in connecting rod development. Eagle’s new Extreme Duty connecting rods are forged in our unique two-piece forging using our proprietary nickel/chromium steel that exceeds ASME E-4340 steel standards for ensile strength and yield strength. Extreme Duty rods feature extensive surface finishing engineered to remove surface imperfections to further enhance fatigue strength. 3/8” ARP Custom Age 625 bolts hold everything together for the ultimate in extreme power handling and durability. Eagle Extreme Duty connecting rods are the ultimate connecting rod for your extreme powerplant.

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