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CNC Werx Cylinder Support System Honda B, K, D, F Series


  • For bore, hone and deck service we require your pistons (or we can supply). Must overbore next size up.
  • O Ring Includes Cost of Decking/skimming block
  • For this service we HIGHLY recommend O Ring.


CNC Werx Cylinder Support System Honda B, K, D, F Series.

– Please note:

ALL CSS (ring supply and installation) is carried out in USA by CNC Werx. So your block is shipped to USA, CSS Carried out and shipped back to our facilities in the UK.

The entire process takes approximately 2-3 weeks for CSS only.

ALL CSS Prices REFLECT Shipping to and from USA and is the price you pay (no hidden charges – the price you see for your application is what you pay).

For H22/23 and F20c/F22c Series Please see our other listing and options.

  • Please also note: the B20 block has NO GUARANTEE!!! Unfortunately even the CSS can not reliably strengthen the poorly designed B20 cylinders)
Street Cars – Race Cars – Drag Racing – Road Racing

Simply the BEST way to protect your High Horse Power block from cracking!!! The Cylinder Support System is a proven method of strengthening open deck engine blocks while maintaining OEM integrity. It prevents cylinder cracking, walking, and bellmouthing. Unlike traditional aftermarket cast iron sleeves, the support ring is made from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum.

This material will actually pull post combustion heat away from the chamber, decreasing intake charge temps, unlike thick cast iron which tends to heat soak because of poor heat transfer properties.

No Sinking – No Leaking – No Mainline Distortion – No Overheating

The Cylinder Support System process is NOT to be confused with the industry known “blockguard.” Why? Because it does not rely on the loose tolerance and taper(draft angle) of the factory casting. The Cylinder Support System process involves precisely machining the water passage, to accept our precision machined billet 6061 support rings. Our precision fit gives equal support pressure around the cylinders from the top of the support ring to the bottom of the support ring. Even the most finely filed/sanded blockguards cannot compete with the precision of our high quality CNC milling machines.

Strength – Quality – Proven Results – On-time Delivery – Low Cost

CNC Werx CSS (cylinder support system) Blocks.

This listing is for the Honda B, K, D and H Series applications.

This CSS is one of the best in the industry, proven time and time again on many record setting honda applications.

Its made, installed and checked all in USA by CNC Werx.

There are currently more than 3000 Cylinder support systems out there doing multipal low High 8 sec and Low 9 second passes and making over 900whp on the stock sleeves with our css blocks.

  • Wont sink
  • Wont shift
  • Wont leak
  • Runs cooler
  • Cost way less than sleeving your block and worrying about dropping a sleeve or 2.

The work is guaranteed and there are many cost effective options available to suit your specific requirements.

We have one of the best engine building programs in the industry, our engines are in some of the most fastest and most reliable applications out there including customers from Saudi Arabia, Malta, United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

If you wish for us to build the short block for you then please select the labor cost in the option menu.

Available for over 20 different applications.  Our CNC Werx CSS is offered for a variety of other engine blocks so please do not hesitate to contact us for a price.

It is strongly advised to O Ring your block for the High Horsepower CSS Service.  

Future Motorsports is a UK & European Authorized Sole Agent For CNC Werx and their Cylinder Support Systems.

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Weight 28 kg
Bearing Size
Piston Size & Compression Ratio
Valve Size & Type
Valve Size
Turbo Choice
Tomei Head Gasket Size
Throttle Body Size
SuperTech Valve Size
Spring Pressure
Select Your Rear Housing Size
Select Your 3SGTE Engine Year Type
Rod Bearing Size
Retainer Weight
Caliper Colour
Main Bearing Size
Housing Size
Garrett Turbine Housing Option
Ferrea Valve Size
Ferrea Valve Guide Size
Disk type
Disc Type
Choose Your Transmission Type
Wastegate Size