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Clutchmasters FX850 Twin & Triple Plate Clutch Kits Toyota Supra 2JZ – T56



Clutchmasters FX850 Twin & Triple Plate Clutch Kits Toyota Supra 2JZ – T56.
1200 ft/lbs – 1700ft/lbs
 Clutch Masters FX850- Series clutch line for the Toyota 2JZ are built to handle intense power and abuse. The FX850 Twin disc is a “Push style” conversion kit which eliminates the original pull style mechanism found in the GETRAG 6-speed transmission. FX-850 Series clutch kits include all the necessary components for an easy bolt on installation.

It is common for 2JZ engines to be paired with various transmission other than the factory 6-speed GETRAG for numerous reasons. The most popular alternative transmission used is the R154 or G-Force. Many professional race vehicles utilize the 2JZ engine with various transmissions which is why Clutch Masters is the number 1 source for custom setups since we are able to produce custom clutch kits in house hassle free. Please notify your representative if you are planning on pairing your 2JZ with an R154, G-Force, or other transmission to ensure you receive the proper clutch setup for your vehicle

The Clutch Masters FX850 is a strapless 8.50″ twin disc engineered to handle extreme abuse and built to transfer power instantly without compromise. The FX850 may not be ideal for street driven vehicles due to its aggressiveness, instant engagement, and chatter.

The Clutch Masters FX850 Twin Disc with single mass steel flywheel weighs 30 lbs which is significantly less compared to the OEM setup. The light weight setup will surely eliminate any turbo lag and offer a much quicker response. 

Kits include the following:

  • Strapless Aluminum Pressure Plate
  • Steel Pressure Ring
  • Steel Floater Mid plate
  • 2 Performance Disc
  • Hydraulic Release Bearing
  • Light Weight Steel or Aluminum Flywheel
  • Pilot Bearing
  • Alignment Tool
  • Pressure Plate bolts
  • Flywheel Crank bolts

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Bearing Size
Piston Size & Compression Ratio
Valve Size & Type
Valve Size
Turbo Choice
Tomei Head Gasket Size
Throttle Body Size
SuperTech Valve Size
Spring Pressure
Select Your Rear Housing Size
Select Your 3SGTE Engine Year Type
Rod Bearing Size
Retainer Weight
Caliper Colour
Main Bearing Size
Housing Size
Garrett Turbine Housing Option
Ferrea Valve Size
Ferrea Valve Guide Size
Disk type
Disc Type
Choose Your Transmission Type
Wastegate Size