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Carrillo A Beam Rods Celica and Lotus 2ZZGE


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Carrillo A Beam Rods for the Toyota Celica and Lotus 2ZZGE.

Most people in the high-performance automotive, motorcycle, and marine industry consider Carillo connecting rods to be the best available today. The Carillo connecting rod is a precision, high-strength, quality connecting rod, and when properly installed and maintained, will perform faultlessly in today’s racing and high-performance internal combustion engines. The A-beam offered here is significantly weaker than the H-beam we also sell. If you are serious about building a bulletproof motor you should choose the H-beam rods. If you are looking for a less expensive option that is better than stock, but not the “best”, then these A-beams are a solid choice.

Price is for all 4 rods and Carrillo WMC bolts are included.


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Weight 2 kg
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Tomei Head Gasket Size
Throttle Body Size
SuperTech Valve Size
Spring Pressure
Select Your Rear Housing Size
Select Your 3SGTE Engine Year Type
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Retainer Weight
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Main Bearing Size
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