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Ferrea Competition Plus Exhaust Valves R35 GTR

Ferrea Competition Plus Exhaust Valves R35 GTR

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Ferrea Nissan GT-R Super Alloy Standard Exhaust Valves

Ferrea Super Alloy Standard Exhaust Valves for the R35 GT-R represent the highest level of sophistication in valve technology. We proudly offer their next generation of extreme heat resistant valves, specifically developed to withstand extremely brutal punishment. These valves set the standard for all Turbocharged, Supercharged, Nitrous Oxide, and compression restricted race motors.

For the Sport Compact Cars, Ferrea has introduced our New Super Alloy Import-Tuner Valve program. These valves are specifically designed for use in racing engines that are subjected to extreme exhaust temperatures. No other valve on the market has been designed with the Tribological consideration as their Super Alloy Valves have for these specific applications. Once again Ferrea is setting the pace.

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