Here at Future Motorsports we specialize in a hand full of services we offer to our customers/clients, dyno tuning and facilities can be found here.

Dyno Tuning In House:

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We have a state of the art Dyno facility with a Dynocom chassis dyno (rolling road) rated to 2500bhp.  Our dyno is in built into the ground so the larger roller sits just one inch above ground level.  This has allowed us to cater for the lowest rides, show vehicles and low race cars to be mounted on our dyno without the need for increasing the vehicles height or taking off bumpers etc.

Our Dynocom is the only chassis dynamometer company in the world to offer our X Cut Knurl for superior traction. According to Chris Warne from the Corvette Doctor of St. Petersburg, FL, he put a 900 HP corvette on his DC-1800X from a dead stop, during a 1/4 Mile drag test with no tire slippage and no rubber.  This has set Future Motorsports apart within our industry and location to provide a dyno facility that offers zero wheel spin. We have tested turbocharged cars on our dyno (with street performance tyres) over 1500whp without wheel spin.

We also provide a Remote Tuning Service to suit your requirements, whether you reside in the UK or Germany (or anywhere else in the world), if you require a remote tuning service get in touch with us Future Motorsports provide this on a regular basis.

Engine Management Software & Systems we work with:   AEM Series 1, AEM Series 2, AEM Infinity, Apexi, Link, Vi-PEC, Haltech, Motec, ESL, Neptune, Hondata, ECUEdit, MazdaEdit, Nistune, Syvecs, Cobb Tuning, Bosch, Siemens, OBDII and much more.

Performance Parts:

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Future Motorsports specialize in supplying the very best high performance parts the performance and aftermarket industry have to offer.  With the latest technology that is handed down to from the race track to the aftermarket industry.  Future Motorsports have you covered.  Future Motorsports ONLY and STRICTLY facilitate and sell Genuine High Performance Parts.  We dont sell imitation or copies.  We work with and deal with over 120 Big brand names, we deal directly with them and bring you genuine high performance industry leading parts from names like HKS, Blitz, Tein, BlackWorks Racing USA, AEM Electronics, CNC Werx USA, CP Pistons, Carrillo, Manley Performance, JE Pistons, ARP, ACL, King Race Bearings, Clevite, Mahl, SuperTech, Ferrea, HeadGames Motorworks, Titan Motorsports, Injector Dynamics, Fuel Injector Clinic, Exedy, Competition Clutch just to name a few.

Race Engine Program:

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Future Motorsports has one of the best race engine programs within Europe.  Whether you have a high powered street vehicle, drag car, track car or top speed event vehicle we have you covered for you specific engine requirement.

With a dedicated set of engineers (some of the best in the import scene) and our Dedicated engine building & Clean room you will be sure to receive one of the best high end short bock or long bock packages that has not only attention to detail but we also know what works and what doesn’t.  Future Motorsports has provided engines world over and in record setting vehicles (please see our youtube channel, customer review or blog/project section).

Sponsorship / Track side support & Project Management:

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Future Motorsports also specialize in providing sponsorship packages, if this is something you require get in touch with us.

Future Motorsports provides track side support for events at the race track be it Top Speed Events, Time Attack, Track Days, Test & tune Days, Drag Racing events, if you need the support at the track be it our in house Tuner or a small team to look after you and your race car at an event, you can get in touch with us and we can provide you a hire program.

Future Motorsports Project Management service, whether your building your race car from the ground up or require a new build on your vehicle / race car or street car we have you covered.  Future Motorsports specialize in “drive In drive out” jobs.